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The escalator, also known as the escalator, is a fixed electric drive device with a circulating running ladder for slanting passengers up or down. At present, escalators are one of the construction equipments required by many buildings. Today, high-rise buildings are constantly appearing, and escalators are certainly one of the essential equipment. Today, the Escalator Manufacturer will give you a detailed introduction to the principles, structure, classification, advantages and disadvantages, installation procedures and operating methods of the escalator to deepen your understanding of the escalator. First, the principle of escalators The driving host is the power source of the escalator, which transmits power to the main shaft driving shaft through the main driving chain; the step chain is driven by the main driving shaft to drive the step to move upward or downward; the step chain tensioning device installed at the lower part plays Tensioning the role of the step chain. Second, the structure of the escalator The escalator is a large and complex transportation equipment with mechanical structure as the main body. It is divided into: support structure (truss), step system, rail system, handrail system, armrest device, safety protection device, electrical control system and automatic lubrication. 8 parts such as the device. Third, the classification of escalators 1, according to the automatic sidewalk classification The step-by-step moving walkway consists of a series of steps with active pavements and moving walkways with movable handrails on both sides. The steel belt type moving walkway has an active pavement composed of a rubber layer on the entire steel strip and a moving walkway with movable armrests on both sides. The two-wire moving walkway consists of a traction chain placed vertically by a pin to form a closed contour of the two branches in the horizontal plane to form two moving walkways with opposite running directions. There are movable armrests on both sides. 2, according to the escalator handrail appearance classification Full transparent escalator escalator with handrails only with escalators supported by fully transparent tempered glass. Semi-transparent handrail escalator with handrails with translucent tempered glass and escalators supported by a small number of struts. An opaque handrail escalator with an armrest and an escalator supported by an opaque sheet. 3, according to the type of traction member classification Chain-type escalator, with the chain as the traction member and the driving device placed on the escalator head of the escalator. The rack-type escalator uses the rack as the traction member and the driving device is placed on the escalator between the upper branch and the lower branch of the middle of the escalator. information about Escalator Manufacturer :