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Today, China Polishing Machine manufacturers share the use of grinding aids: Finishing of the surface of the workpiece is a process that is not missing. It is no longer unfamiliar to use the grinding and polishing machine to finish the surface of the workpiece. It enables the surface of the workpiece to achieve a better surface quality. The polishing abrasive material is the medium that must be used when the workpiece is surface-treated. The abrasive polishing abrasive is the most widely used material in the polishing abrasive material. Its function is to make the surface of the workpiece smooth and bright after the surface of the workpiece is mutually abrasive. In the surface treatment of the workpiece, the agent can promote the smoother surface and better quality of the workpiece surface. The ability to improve the surface quality of the workpiece is called an additive. Although it is not the main material in the grinding process, it plays an important role in the grinding and polishing process. Grinding Aid, as its name suggests, is a kind of material that acts as a booster. It is used in rough polishing, medium polishing and fine polishing of the workpiece. One additive is polishing slurry, which can effectively give The surface of the workpiece being polished is cleaned, and the surface of the workpiece is protected from scratches, bumps, etc., which can effectively make the surface quality of the workpiece better and smoother. Another grinding aid is a polishing brightener, which makes the surface of the workpiece smooth and smooth, and can significantly improve the surface quality of the workpiece. Polishing and polishing liquids are generally used in the deburring of workpieces, while polishing brighteners are used for polishing more. Grinding aids can be applied to the surface grinding and polishing of workpieces of various materials. There are many types of grinding aids, which can be selected according to the material of the workpiece. The equipment used for grinding and polishing the surface of the workpiece includes: a vortex grinding and polishing machine that polishes the surface of the workpiece by a flow principle, and is suitable for a vibrating grinding and polishing machine for surface polishing of a large workpiece, a high-speed centrifugal polishing machine, Roller polishing machine and so on. The grinding aid can play a good role in various grinding and polishing machines. During the grinding and polishing process, the abrasive is a thick liquid due to the vibration or squeezing flow of the polishing material. Therefore, the surface of the workpiece produces better cushioning and protection, which can reduce the scratching of the surface of the workpiece due to the friction of the polishing abrasive, and can effectively clean the working environment in the grinding tank. information about china polishing machine : https://www.zhongyun-machine.com