Blanche fuji's Album: Elevator Manufacturers Share How To De

Elevator Manufacturers share how to develop an elevator room management system: 1. Perform a comprehensive cleaning of the equipment room every week to ensure that there is no obvious dust on the surface of the equipment room and equipment. No people can live in the machine room and passage, and pile up debris; Second, ensure that the engine room is well ventilated, the air outlet has rain protection measures, the thermometer is suspended in the equipment room, and the temperature of the equipment room does not exceed 40 °C; Third, ensure that the engine room is well ventilated, and equipped with emergency lights, fire extinguishers and turning tools are hung in a conspicuous place; 4. The equipment room adjacent to the water tank should be waterproof and moisture-proof; 5. The doors and windows of the machine room should be intact and locked. No outsiders are allowed to enter without the permission of the leader, and take measures to prevent small animals from entering; 6. The "Procedures for Rescue of Escalators" and these regulations and various warning signs shall be clear and hung in a conspicuous place; 7. Regularly repair and maintain the facilities and equipment in the equipment room as required; 8. Every day, when inspecting the equipment room, if it is found that the requirements are not met, it must be dealt with in time. information about Elevator Manufacturers :