Blanche fuji's Album: Elevator Manufacturers Share The Right

Elevator accidents are endless, and we want to come to our hearts. Then Fuji Elevator Manufacturers will introduce the correct way to take the elevator, and the elevator will take the basic knowledge. I hope I can help you. 1. When calling the elevator, the passenger only needs to press the call button in the direction of the direction. Do not press the up and down direction buttons at the same time, so as to avoid useless parking of the car and reduce the total transportation efficiency of the elevator. At the same time, this is also to avoid the wrong action of the safety device, causing the passenger to be trapped in the car, affecting the normal operation of the elevator. 2. When the elevator door is opened, do not put your hand on the door panel to prevent the door from being crushed when the door panel is retracted. When the elevator door is closed, do not put your hand on the edge of the door, so as not to affect the closing action and even crush your fingers. When taking a child, you should use your hand to hold or hug the child to take the elevator. 3. When taking the elevator, keep a certain distance from the elevator door. For safety reasons, because the elevator door is connected to the hoistway when the elevator is running, the relative speed is very fast. If the elevator door fails, the passengers near the door will be quite dangerous. 4. Don't jump in the elevator. A lot of safety switches are installed on the elevator car. If it jumps in the car, the car will be seriously tilted, which may cause the protection switch to move and the elevator to enter the protection state. Once this happens, the elevator will stop in an emergency, causing the passengers to be trapped. 5. Many people are used to blocking the door when entering the door. Although there is no danger, if the time you press is too long, the elevator control part will think that the elevator has failed. There may be an alarm or even stop. So the more appropriate way is to press the button to open the door after you enter. It is particularly important to remind that some people are standing at the elevator door and blocking the elevator door. This is very dangerous. Because the inside of the elevator is safe, the outside is also safe. But you are standing at the junction of these two spaces. If this time appears, everyone's saying is called opening the door, and this person will be cut. So this is a very dangerous location and should not stay at this junction. 6. Some units use a freight elevator as a passenger ladder is not allowed. The difference between a freight elevator and a passenger elevator is its decoration, or its comfort is worse. There are no special requirements for vibration and noise indicators. In addition, there is a kind of freight elevator that can never be used as a passenger ladder, that is, it is oversized. Because sometimes the product made in the factory is relatively light, it wants the car to be made bigger, then the car area is larger than the standard after approval by the relevant department. If such a freight elevator is used as a passenger ladder, it will be overloaded. information about Elevator Manufacturers :