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Elevator Manufacturer share the distinction between small and small high-rises and high-rises and the considerations for selecting high-rise homes: First, from the actual use of housing, multi-storey residential buildings are higher than high-rise residential buildings. The area of ??the house includes both the area of ??use and the area of ??the public area, such as the allocation of public areas such as stairs. High-rise residential buildings have more floor space than elevators, elevator waiting rooms, basements, etc., so the actual housing rate is lower. Second, from the perspective of architecture, the seismic performance of high-rise residential buildings is better. Ordinary multi-story dwellings are generally brick-concrete structures, and high-rise dwellings are not only more resistant to multi-layers but also have a longer depreciation period because they are cohesively cast. Third, from the perspective of the housing structure, multi-storey residential buildings are better than high-rise residential buildings. Due to structural reasons, the multi-storey residential building is generally facing south, ventilated from north to south, with a large indoor use area, reasonable room type, and easy to separate decoration in the large open room. The high-rise residential building generally adopts the frame scissors wall structure, and it is necessary to consider the position of several elevators, so the layout design is slightly more difficult. Decoration is also easy to bring inconvenience However, high-rise residential buildings are attracting consumers' attention with their beautiful and beautiful architectural appearance and good property management. So, what issues should you pay attention to when selecting high-rise residential buildings? One must pay attention to the layout and orientation of the house. Due to the characteristics of high-rise residential cast-in-place concrete and frame scissors wall, the rooms cannot be opened, and the layout of the houses is not easy to change. Therefore, when selecting, pay attention to the type and orientation of the house to meet the comfort after living. The second is to pay attention to the total number of households and the number of elevators and the quality of the elevator. The higher the number of floors and the more units, the elevator should be slightly more. Generally speaking, there should be 2-3 elevators for more than 20 floors. If there are less than 2 elevators, the total number of households and the number of floors do not match. Should not be purchased. Thirdly, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the water pressure of the "secondary pressure" supply of tap water is sufficient, especially whether there is a water cut time during the summer peak period. Fourth, we must pay attention to the future planning prospects of the surrounding areas. One of the great advantages of high-rise residential buildings is that they have a wide field of vision, a good view, and fresh air. If the high-rise buildings are taken up before the high-rise buildings in the future, the sights will be affected. information about Elevator Manufacturer :

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