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In all walks of life, all walks of life are promoting green environmental protection. The machinery industry is also the same. Everyone knows that the pollution of the air in addition to the China Polishing Machine has been paid attention to by many manufacturers. Now, even more concerned by users, there is noise pollution from China Polishing Machine. It will also pay more attention to the use of enterprises and manufacturers. The following is the most effective way to reduce the noise during the work process: According to the mechanism of noise generation, it can be known that the huge noise is affected by the imbalance force when the grinding head grinds the brick. Vibration is the real cause of noise. The vibration that occurs during processing is a typical dynamic instability phenomenon. The schematic of the work can be simplified to analyze individual abrasive particles. In the process of grinding and polishing, the machine will generate large or small noise, which will not only affect the mood of the work, but also affect the work efficiency and the effect of the workpiece. In order to make the polishing effect of China Polishing Machine better, in order to make the work most efficient, we find out all the factors that are not conducive to product quality, and improve them one by one. To reduce noise pollution, we first need to understand where the noise comes from and what is the principle of noise generation. So we can take measures to solve him fundamentally. Through the vibration analysis of the grinding head, it is found that the noise factor affecting the grinding head is the width of the grinding and the rotation speed of the polishing machine. The appropriate grinding width and speed can be selected to prevent resonance and effective control of noise. Improving the width of the grinding and the speed of the grinding head can completely eliminate the noise. information about china polishing machine : https://www.zhongyun-machine.com

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