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In recent years, the number of fiber-optic cabling in data centers has increased dramatically due to bandwidth and storage requirements. At this point, high-density fiber-optic cable management is becoming more important in today's data center and SAN (storage area network) environments than ever before. To meet the needs of space-saving and easy-to-manage fiber-optic cabling environments, high-density fiber-optic cabling solutions have been introduced, including fiber optic housings, MTP cassettes and fiber distribution frames. Let's take a look at the Fiber Optic Splice Closure manufacturer. The combination of fiber optic housing and fiber distribution frame or MPO / MTP modular cassette provides easier MAC and flexibility to migrate to higher data speeds. High-density fiber-optic cabling systems include: 1. Fiber optic housing for superior fiber optic network architecture. Fiber optic housings are commonly used to house, organize, manage, and protect fiber optic cables, terminations, connectors, connectors, and jumpers. The fiber optic housing should accommodate all fiber distribution frames and MPO / MTP cartridges. It is available in 1U, 2U and 4U rack cabinets and dual door wall mount enclosures. The 1U rack mount enclosure features a slide-out and detachable cover that accommodates 4 fiber patch panels or up to 96 fiber MPO / MTP cartridges. The 2U and 4U rack cabinets feature a fixed slide-out design that supports 8 x fiber patch panels or MPO / MTP tapes, up to 192 fibers, 12 x fiber patch panels or MPO / MTP tapes, and up to 228 fibers. In addition, the two-door wall mount enclosure accommodates two or four patch panels. These fiber optic housings should be suitable for overall cable management and bend radius control for transition to the vertical cable manager. 2. MTP / MPO cassette tape used to disconnect multi-core cable. MTP / MPO cassette tapes are widely used for high-density wiring in data centers. It is a pre-terminated and pre-tested closed unit that provides a safe transition between MTP / MPO and LC / SC discrete connectors. It usually consists of the LC / SC adapter on the front of the cassette and the MTP / MPO adapter on the back of the cassette. More importantly, it can decompose the MPO / MTP connector into separate SC / LC ports. All fiber optic wiring is done inside the cartridge, so it's fast and easy to install. MTP / MPO cassettes are available in three types of MTP / MPO-24 cassettes, MTP / MPO-12 cassettes, and single-mode and multi-mode MTP / MPO-8 cassettes. 3. Fiber optic terminal block for quick and easy connection. High-density fiber distribution frames are designed to simplify the management of data center connection MACs. There are three different adapter types for 6, 12 and 24 fiber: LC patch panels, SC patch panels and MTP / MPO patch panels. These fiber distribution frames do not take up a lot of space and are ideal for increasing the bandwidth and connection density of fiber cabling. information about Fiber Optic Splice Closure :

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