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Used to polish the test sample and polish it on China Polishing Machine to make the sample have a bright mirror shape. Operating steps: 1. Place the equipment on a flat surface. 2. Remove the cover, cover, rubber ferrule and polishing disc. 3. Apply the wet polishing fabric on the polishing disc, then insert the rubber ferrule and tension the fabric on the disc. 4. As long as the groove on the tap is aligned with the screw on the taper, the tap can be connected to the taper on the taper. Cleaning and oiling shall be carried out before putting in. 5. Press the cover tightly into the plate. 6. Place a container outside the outlet of the drain pipe or drain the drain pipe to the ditch inside to discharge wastewater. 7. Insert the plug into the power socket and turn on the switch for polishing. Note: Excessive pressure is not allowed to be applied to the test sample during use, so as not to overload and damage the motor. 8. The high temperature of the motor rises to 80 degrees. The grounding device of the power socket should be very reliable. The polished fabric should be tensioned on the disc, and damaged fabric should not be used, otherwise, the sample may be out of danger during polishing. information about china polishing machine : https://www.zhongyun-machine.com

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