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I often use elevators in my life, then do you know the knowledge about elevators? Let’s take a look at the Elevator Manufacturers today and see what elevators will be considered when designing the elevators. Let’s take the villa elevator to design the villa. What are the specifications for the elevator? 1. What is the minimum size of the elevator? Elevators with different load capacities have different technical specifications, such as villa elevators with a load of 300kg-400kg. The speed is limited to 0.15m/s-0.25m/s, the maximum stroke is 12m, and the car size is 900mm wide x deep. 1200mm; the size of the shaft is 1500mm wide × 1500mm deep (automatic door design), width 1300mm × depth 1200mm (handle door design); pit limit is 100-300mm; voltage single standard phase 220V, 50HZ; drive requirement is frequency conversion transformer The speed control VVVF drives the 2.2KW drive. 2. Villa elevator weight selection At present, villa elevators are mainly machine room and hydraulic. The main load is: 200KG, 225KG, 230KG, 250KG, 280KG, 320KG, 400KG, 450KG. The choice of the weight of the villa elevator should first look at the size of the villa built or purchased, then see how many people are in your family, and finally look at the purpose of the elevator and the grade of your villa. Generally, the second-floor 250-square-meter villa can choose 200-250KG load capacity. If the 3-storey villa has an area of ​​more than 300 square meters, it is best to choose a load capacity of 320KG. When the villa value reaches more than 5 million yuan, the selected villa elevator must be above 320KG, otherwise the villa elevator is too small, which reduces the grade of the villa. 3. Domestic villa elevator specifications The reference standards for domestic elevators are still in the process of continuous improvement. The domestic villa elevators mainly refer to the public elevators for miniaturization design and plagiarism or copying of imported elevators. Therefore, the core elements of villa elevators are lacking - too attention to appearance and price and neglect of technical safety. The core of comfort and humanity, which can be said to be the biggest distinction between imported home elevators or villa elevators and domestic home elevators or villa elevator brands. information about Elevator Manufacturers :

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