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Many passengers are afraid that the malfunctioning elevator may fall. In fact, this kind of worry is unnecessary. The elevator is quite safe in design. His suspension system is generally three or more wire ropes, then this safety factor is equivalent. 12 times, for example, it is possible to take 10 people from this car. It is no problem to design 120 people by design. Therefore, the afa Elevator Manufacturers reminds the elevator that the safety performance is very high. The elevator also has a fall arrest system, including a speed limiter, safety gear, and a bumper at the bottom. Once the elevator is found to have an overspeed drop, the speed limiter will first stop the elevator drive unit. If the main engine still does not stop, the speed limiter will raise the safety clamp to clamp the rail, forcing the car to stagnate on the track, and if it hits the buffer directly at a certain speed, the car will also believe it. No matter how the car stops in that way, it will not cause a big impact on people. In the narrow and sultry elevator, many passengers are worried that they will suffocate and die after being trapped. Will the trapped elevator be suffocating? The new national standards for elevators have strict regulations. To achieve the efficiency of ventilation, they can be put on the market. In addition, elevators have many moving parts, such as some connected locations, such as car wall and car top and connecting keys. There are gaps, and some gaps are generally enough for people to breathe. In addition, we should pay attention to some things when riding the elevator in peacetime: 1. When passengers take the ladder, they should see whether the elevator car is on the floor. Do not blindly enter, prevent the door from opening and the car is not in the floor to cause the accident to fall into the tunnel. 2. passengers do not use the body to stop the elevator to close the door, or back to the safety touch panel. 3. Children must be accompanied by an adult when they take the elevator. 4. In case of fire and earthquake, do not take the elevator. information about Elevator Manufacturers :

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