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Fujihd Elevator Manufacturers share how to use elevators correctly: 1. Can the elevator car overload be automatically controlled? The load capacity of the elevator varies according to the needs. The elevator can only operate within the specified load. When it exceeds, the elevator will automatically alarm and cannot operate. There is a special weighing device in the car top part, and the load capacity can be adjusted. 2When the elevator is closed, will it cause injury to people? When the elevator is in the process of closing the door, if the hall door touches people or things, the door will automatically reopen and will not hurt people. Because there is an anti-clip switch on the door, once the door touches people or objects, the switch action prevents the elevator from closing, reopens, and then closes the door again. In addition, the closing power is regulated and will not reach the level of injury. Please note that when the door is closed, it will not open again. Please pay attention. Can the elevator door of the elevator be opened? The hall door of the elevator cannot be opened outside the hall and must be opened with special tools (special tools are in the hands of maintenance personnel). Passengers are not allowed to slam the door, and they cannot open it. Otherwise, there is a danger of falling into the hoistway. 4 How to call the elevator? When you need to take the elevator, you should select the direction button you want to go to on the call panel of the elevator hall. Press the “up” direction button on the up line and press the “down” direction button on the down line. 5 Is there any protective measures for the bottom and top of the elevator? The bottom of the elevator is the elevator car. When the control system fails, the car will go down beyond the first level of the leveling position until it stops on the buffer of the pit. The damper is a guard device provided for this purpose, and the guard device is divided into a spring type and a hydraulic type depending on the running speed of the elevator. When the car is hovered on the bumper, it is called the bottom. At this time, the impact of the damper on the elevator car is relieved, so as not to cause serious damage to the passengers in the elevator. information about Elevator Manufacturers :

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